Let’s Collaborate

Are you looking for a 5G/6G research team to collaborate with?

The Future Networks 5G lab offers the following services:
  1. End-to-End Testing and validating 5G scenarios/solutions for different verticals 
  2. Prototype 5G application on different market verticals 
  3. Prototype 5G/6G algorithms for different use-cases
  4. Security Assessment for 5G applications/services/networks
  5. Security Implementation for  5G networks
  6. Implement different use-cases for 5G/5G+/6G applications  
  7. Research and development of 5G+/6G networks/applications/services
  8. 5G/6G Consultancy for public and private stakeholders 
  9. Business consultancy for scaling up startups or spinoffs
  10. Participation as partners in national and international R&D and innovation projects for cybersecurity and 6G

Check out our Lab Infrastructure. 


CAMPUS Research Institute, Room 305, Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu nr 6

Let's Collaborate