Research Projects

Team Members Research Projects

Our Team members during their research activities attracted more than 5.5 million EUR in public and private funding for R&D projects. Also, the team members started start-ups or spin-offs that they managed, sold or on which they failed. 

The team has more than 50 years cumulated experience in R&D projects, either as project coordinators or as team members managing the technical implementation. 

Ongoing R&D projects

Currently the lab is running a private funded R&D project that has several components

  1.  Testing 5G off-the shelf devices
    • For this task the team developed and implemented a test-bed in a home-like environment, to be used to test the capacity of the devices in a real environment. Using the designed environment several capacity/traffic/bandwidth tests were performed
  2. Testing LTE-m network and LTE-m network parameters for IoT devices
    • For this task the team performed several test (mobility/static/power saving) to demonstrate what are the optimal parameters to be set on an IoT device in order to be optimized for the network.

The project current results were used by the industry partner to launch new products. 

Industry Collaboration

If you are a startup a spinoff or a big company come and partner with us in developing new products and services!