Research Infrastructure

5G Research Infrastructure

Our Lab has a 5G stand alone network, with 3GPP release 16 capabilities. This network is a state of the art one and is set to go live to the market in the next period. Thus, this makes the capabilities that we have in the lab suitable for Research and Development on a future commercial network as well as testing and validating application and products that one wants to deploy in the future network. 

Beside this network an OpenRAN, Open CORE implementation will also be available, in the lab, for future research. 

Alongside the private networks the are programable devices and off-the-shelf devices for IoT and 5G to be used for research or other services that can be contracted by companies or startups. 

Network Infrastructure key modules

  • 5G Stand Alone Private Mobile Radio – core component of 5G infrastructure 
  • 5G New Radio – the radio access component of the 5G infrastructure;
  • Open RAN and Open CORE components based on the separation of the software from the hardware equipment allowing the virtualization of the functionality of the radio network or the core network and have the ability to run the system on CoTS (Commercial-of-the-Shelf) equipment and open interfaces;
  • Edge Computing plays a key role as a technology that reduces the distance between users (applications) and services (data) and facilitates the stability of minimal latencies and transmission throughput, as required by services and applications.

Other equipment and devices 

IoT Modules

35 IoT communication modules (FiPy) + sensors (PySense

  • WiFi 802.11b/b/n, Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE, cellular LTE-CAT M1/NB1 3GPP release 13 LTE Advanced Pro, LoRa Class A and C devices, Sigfox Semtech SX1272 – Long Range, Low Power RF Transceiver 860-1000MHz with LoRa® Technology
  • Ambient light sensor, Barometric pressure sensor, Humidity sensor, 3 axis 12-bit accelerometer, Temperature sensor, USB port with serial access, LiPo battery charger, MicroSD card compatibility, Ultra low power operation (~1uA in deep sleep)

M2M SIM cards

Access to the LiveObjects platform for data aggregation from sensors   

5G modules

30+ 5G programable devices, SIM8200EA with Evaluation Kits

5G SIM cards

5G M2M routers

5G Off-the-shelf routers 

5G off-the-shelf consumer devices 

Other devices and tools 

USRP N310/B310

Semi-anechoic chamber, specifically designed for such demanding applications as MIMO testing, wireless mesh performance analysis, and IoT testing 

WiFi6 Routers

Other platforms and services developed  in the H2020 R&D projects such as 5G-EVE5G-VICTORI5GASP și VITAL-5G 

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